February 27, 2013

Gun-grabbers like Sen. Frank Lautenberg and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy are pushing a “high-capacity” magazine ban using the argument that mass shooters like Adam Lanza and Jared Lee Loughner would not have killed as many people if they were forced to stop firing and reload their guns.

This argument is completely fallacious, as the video below demonstrates.

“Loughner’s massacre ended only when he stopped to reload and bystanders wrestled him to the ground. If he had used a standard magazine and was forced to reload earlier, some of his victims might have been spared,” Lautenberg and McCarthy wrote in 2011.

The reload question is addressed in the video. It is not a factor. A determined mass shooter will continue to kill until he runs out of ammo. The size of his magazine is at best negligible.

Restricting the size of magazines is an incremental step down the road to complete government confiscation and disarmament.

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