David Usborne
The Independent

October 19, 2011

How can you blame David Dutcher – middle-aged, not quite Brad Pitt and going through a divorce – for dropping his guard a little that one night back in 2008? The woman he had met online was blond and gorgeous and so was her friend with the deep cleavage. Then they invited him to a house with a hot tub; what was he supposed to do?

For one, he was not supposed to take another drink at a bar in Concord, 25 miles east of San Francisco. Second, he might have asked himself why these younger women were all over his 49-year-old self, massaging his neck, mussing his hair and cooing into his ears.

“It felt a lot like Christmas,” Mr Dutcher, an aeronautics engineer, recalled this week to the Los Angeles Times.

Mr Dutcher, it turns out, was in the final moments of a dastardly divorce sting. He was behind the wheel of his pick-up truck following the two women to the hot-tub rendezvous when flashing red and blue lights showed in his mirror. The women were gone and he was arrested for drunken driving.

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