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Smoking Mirrors
July 12, 2008

Thanks coreporate media
  There is one thing that is most responsible for maintaining ‘the lie’ and for promoting the problems in this world more than any single entity or collective. That thing is The Media.

We read many an article on the world-wide web about mysterious cabals and individuals of prominence who are accused, singly and collectively of being the cause of the calamity, chaos and fear of these dark times. We hear about neo-cons and ZioNazis. We hear about Bilderberger and The Council on Foreign Relations. We hear about Bohemian Grove and ‘The City’ in London. We hear about bankers, bureaucrats and military industrial complexes. It is a sure thing that they all contribute to these conditions and that self-interest is the primary motive but… there is one thing that is most responsible for maintaining ‘the lie’ and for promoting the problems in this world than any single entity or collective. That thing is The Media.

The Media… there it is. Our perception of the appearance of events is controlled by those who control the flow of information. It is true that some portion of us do not rely on the media for our perspective on what happens …and what these events and conditions may mean. It is true this number increases every day. However, it can be successfully argued that a definite percentage of the world’s citizens get their local and world picture from the mass media of network television, radio and newspapers. It might come as a surprise to you that the people who make up that portion of the world who get their information from mass media are also that portion of the world from which ballots and canon fodder are drawn to support the enterprise of the corporations that control the content and meaning of information.

Let’s take a breath and pause. Sometimes, stillness is a magnificent asset. It gives you time to clear the chatter in your head. Where is the chatter in your head coming from? Maybe it is coming from inside your head and maybe not. They don’t call it ‘the airwaves’ for nothing… even though ‘the ether’ might be more precise… as well as tending into the direction of actually seeing… or is that hearing? …or would that be understanding? Well, the senses are the senses and they do sense. That’s their job. They report information to you. That’s the original deal. And then there is that which reports things to your senses that are different than what your senses tell you or… maybe you are dreaming?

Think about it.

Do you catch my drift?

People ‘know’ what they are ‘told’. People ‘think’ they know what they perceive and people perceive, often, according to what they are told. That’s all fine and dandy unless someone is lying to you. Think about it. Something happens. We can all agree that something happened. Kurosawa made a film about a rape. There was another film called “Memento”. There are films and books and many vehicles of information that go up and down the ladder of the senses; down to the most prurient and salacious, further toward disgust and depravity and the gates of Hell. Also they go upward toward higher ideals, philosophical constructs, the various arts and religions which are seeming companions on the road to realms where angels dwell and beyond.

Who interprets these messages? Who defines them? Who sets one against the other… who permits and controls the proliferation? for contrast and argument, sometimes for entertainment and sometimes for profit or whatever reason there may be? Who does these things?

Who tells you what to believe and what the information means? Who tells you what the truth is?

What Geraldo does says all any of us need to know about Bitch Media. What his show is about in the first place also speaks volumes.  

There is a new film out called 9/11 Chronicles, Part 1: Truth Rising. …interesting stuff. There’s a portion in it where Geraldo Rivera has the bimbo with the short skirt from the Arizona airplane incident, fifteen minutes of fame, put-up job distraction game and Alex Jones and his people come in to chant that “9/11 was an Inside Job”. What Geraldo does says all any of us need to know about Bitch Media. What his show is about in the first place also speaks volumes. Geraldo is the fly, the Hollywood gossip writer that buzzes around the toilet in the movie “Meet the Feebles”. I suspect that Greta Sustern is buzzing along beside him in a companion dimension as another hydra head on the same body. I suspect they say to one another, “Let’s do lunch”. I suspect they feed on mysterious things. It’s a hydra of waving, snake-necked, talking heads playing with mirrors… smoking mirrors… mirrors reflecting smoke with Marfa Lights.

Sense and nonsense… The news and information of our time is not reported. It is manufactured and controlled. You say that you know this. Yes. But feel the pervasive sway. Observe the quality of the content and remember. It’s one body with many heads.

The most pervasive and insidious enemy of the people and the truth is Bitch Media. This is the control booth that forms mass opinion and precipitates the impetus that fires the engines of war. Money powers the smoke machine in pursuit of money and power and money is printed out of thin air to maintain the machine that pours out nothing but smoke.

It is an uncanny thing. We see important people with expensive educations who work in tall buildings, filled with expensive technologies, whose sole purpose is to negotiate your mind into a position to labor and to die for money made up out of smoke for the promise of a life you are not allowed to live, all while they laugh at you and give you the finger… all while they humiliate you by proxy as they example the dumbest and most willing of our kind. It cannot be that they actually need more money because they can print all of the money they need. It must be that they actually enjoy the spectacle. They enjoy it most because it is at your expense. Apparently there are people who like to see you dance like a chicken on a griddle. It amuses them.

They know what they are doing and they think it is funny. What do you think? This is why I want to encourage everyone to see this Truth Rising video and then think about what you might do in a similar fashion. I don’t know Alex Jones or much about him. It’s just an example like the film “V for Vendetta”. There are so many of us that we could stop this thing in its tracks. We need to be inventive.

You know that Iraq was no threat to America. You know that Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Does this logically imply that Iran and Pakistan are exceptions? You are Charlie Brown. Lucy is Bitch Media and the truth is the football.

Why did the blackmailed, controlled asset Christopher Hitchens do that waterboarding stunt for Vanity Fair? Given how incredibly out of shape he is, I have to wonder how badly they have him compromised that he would endure that kind of embarrassment. Nearly every senator and congressman in the formerly United States is in the same position… and shape.

Given that Bitch Media is the most powerful weapon in the hands of those determined to destroy and/or enslave us, does it not make sense that this is the very mechanism we must make use of for the revolution? Ergo; the internet… Ergo; the street where you live… Ergo; wherever you go… You know that 9/11 was an inside job and you know that the job of Bitch Media is to distract away from this in order to maintain control over that percentage of the people who are not capable of thinking for themselves so that they may isolate the ones who do see. When we can wake these people up the game is over.

Every one of you is a warrior for truth… or should be. If you haven’t been, make today the day that you decide you are. Do you really have a choice? Do you call that a choice?

Let us leave The Island of Dr. Moreau. “Not to go on all fours; that is the law. Are we not men?” I am not a beast. I am a man. You will not treat me like a beast. Say this to yourself. “You will not treat me like a beast.”

Have I got it Right? Talking 9/11 Blues

Truth Rising 9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising
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