President Obama, who will act on immigration reform by the end of the year, has not reviewed final administration recommendations on immigration but is aware of the general details in the expected plan, says a senior White House official who is traveling with the President in Myanmar.

“It’s not like this is the Academy Awards,” said the official, meaning that the contents of the envelope are not a surprise.

Citing his legal authority as chief executive of the United States, Obama said in a press conference in Myanmar Friday that he would act on immigration reform by the end of the year.

“I believe that America is a nation of immigrants,” the President said. Everybody agrees that the system is broken; there has been ample opportunity for Congress to pass a bipartisan immigration bill that would strengthen our borders, improve the legal immigration system and lift millions of people out of the shadows so that they are paying taxes and getting right by the law.”

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The senior White House official who spoke to CNN said that any executive action could come as soon as next week. What’s clear, said the official on Friday, is that the President is not going to act to bypass lawmakers and implement changes on his own while he is overseas. The White House is also not going to yield to threats of a shutdown.

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