June 11, 2009

In response to Alex’s desire to massively expand the infowar on all levels — in particular, his desire to expand the reach of his highly effective video operation — we are announcing the Infowars Moneybomb. The Infowars Moneybomb is fixed to a period of time — it will run until June 11, 2009, with a goal of $250,000.

Alex will use this money to build a studio, a sound stage, purchase cameras and equipment, computers, expand office space and hire additional staff. Alex hopes to launch a new television show on the Dish Network, thus reaching thousands, possibly millions of additional people and warn them of the nefarious plans of the global elite and the New World Order.

Let’s do this! Get the word out, blog, forum, chat, email; let everyone know about this Moneybomb.

The corporate media sorely needs a run for its money — and needs an effective challenge. It cannot be allowed to dominate the airwaves. Alex does not enjoy the support of big corporations with deep pockets. Alex Jones depends on your generosity and commitment to the fight, so please donate to the Infowars Moneybomb today!

Go to the Moneybomb page

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