It is called, “One of the worlds best preserved marlstone quarries.” The Jezuitenberg (Jesuit Caves) is located on the outskirts of the city of Maastricht, close to the Belgian border.

The Jesuits constructed this astonishing place between 1860 and 1960, and it has nothing to do with Christianity and all to do with paganism and the Babylonian mystery schools. Apparently Jesuit scholars and theological students spent a great deal of their leisure time every Wednesday afternoon working on this project. So the question arises, for what purpose?

Their website describes, “many interesting studies and publications which were produced. There is a full scale floor plan of the quarry’s gallery network, and moreover, they created numerous charcoal and colored drawings on the cave’s walls”. Such drawing strongly remind us of islamic, and not catholic art.

It is also stated on their website, “a large number of reliefs and statues were carved on and from the marlstone walls. Winged bulls, the Alhambra (including a fountain and a pond), Christ, Buddha, and the head of Ramses II.” There are many other fascinating objects found in the interior of the subterranean galleries that expose once and for all the Jesuit Order and their link to neopaganism and New Age. “When in 1968 the Jesuit Order left Maastricht, supervision and maintenance of these caves became the responsibility of the ‘Jezuïetenberg Foundation’.”

A revelatory video was filmed at the beginning of 2015 by Harrie Kerckhoffs.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for Infowars’ interview with Vatican and secret society researcher Leo Zagami.

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