Hunter S. Thompson’s landmark 1970 article for Scanlan’s Monthly titled, “The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved”, created what is now known as Gonzo Journalism.

50 years later, those observations have only evolved through the prism of critical race theory and the Marxist freaks threatening to burn Churchill Downs to cinders, as hundreds of armed black “Not F*cking Around Coalition” activists marched in Louisville, Kentucky on Kentucky Derby Day.

They had been met by counter protesters there to Back the Blue. Inside, the mood was somber without the spectators that are the spectacle. But the sentiment of white guilt echoed over the empty seats like a dystopian fever dream. The race ended without incident on the hallowed grounds of the belated 146th Kentucky Derby.

The demands were heard just as much as they were ignored, and echoed by their comrades across the country. Thompson and artist Ralph Steadman realized that they had become the very characters they lampooned. How ironic that 50 years later the mob outside Churchill Downs has become the very same intolerant self-serving fascists they claim to be protesting against.

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