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December 8, 2009

Writes Jay Roberts:


The Left Fell into the Climate Morass“ is the most complete and economical damnation of the whole global warming farce I have ever read.  Like a sniper rapidly shooting a string of deadly bulls-eyes, its few short paragraphs accurately demonstrate the systemic failures of science, media, and political institutions. Nothing included is extraneous and nothing relevant is left out.

This should be required reading for everyone regardless of where they may be on this issue.  Obviously, adherents should be held to provable refutations of your points and dismissed if they cannot do so.  But more importantly, skeptics can benefit from the frame you construct.  In the typical skeptic view, “bad science” is the driver of climate change evil—so simply de-legitimizing the science will defuse the whole issue.

But bad science abounds in many fields and is normally rapidly debunked or ignored—it certainly never leads to a mandate for global deconstruction of civilization. Your piece demonstrates that the root evil here is simply statism and its media handmaidens using a convenient pretext to advance their eternal goals of command and control.  In this case it just happened to some low rent spreadsheet jockeys posing as scientists (Who ever heard of the University of East Anglia?), but just as easily has been the children, drugs, poverty, coastal erosion, seatbelts, tooth decay, swine flu, etc.  It is important to understand, as you make clear, the pathetic climate “scientists” are just convenient pawns in this whole mess.

Your exposition of this issue reminds me of the clarity Ron Paul brings to an understanding of the welfare/warfare state.  That is, left wing social programs are simply the flip side of right wing wars & security apparatus, both being expressions of an unconstrained monolithic state funded by soft money.  Now you demonstrate that another reason to oppose statism is that it leads to global institutions powerful enough to destroy industrialized civilization with no more justification than the flimsiest of highly disputed “science” generated by obscure hacks in obscure institutions.

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