The left is currently in control of the mainstream press, academia, Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue and the entertainment industry.

These cultural institutions shape our society, but the political makeup of their populations do not accurately reflect this nation.

To simplify, the country is more or less divided between conservatives and liberals, but the left is vastly over-represented in the cultural establishment.

The mainstream press is overwhelmingly biased towards the Democratic party and hostile to conservatives. (With the exception of Fox, which obviously supports the GOP establishment and provides the only counterpoint to the prevailing narrative on television.)

Most media outlets have become political organs without any interest in providing the public with a balanced window into world affairs.

The New York Times and The Washington Post appear to be mouthpieces for partisan factions of the deep state and CNN is clearly a political operation.

Thankfully, the alternative media has rushed into this vacuum and there is more balance online than offline.

As a political atheist, I do not wish for a right-controlled paradigm, but for a system where the public is more accurately represented.

Silicon Valley has been caught manipulating social media algorithms and search engine results to favor leftist candidates and ideologies and obscure the opposition.

Hollywood routinely and openly bashes conservatives and advertising is increasingly slanting towards a Social-Justice-Warrior agenda.

In the political power structure, the left had control for the last eight years, but the pendulum of American political clockwork has swung back to the right and will swing back left eventually as it historically has.

Leftists outnumber conservatives by a shockingly high ratio in college faculties. (Estimates range from 5-1 to 10-1)

This leads to, of course, an unbalanced and biased educational system where left-leaning students are denied the benefits of being exposed to different points of view.

Conservatives benefit from hearing liberal ideas to challenge their beliefs, but ideologically liberal students get their dogma reinforced.

This means they’re not expanding intellectually because they are not exposed to new ideas. This has produced a dangerous myopia on college campuses.

You would think that students would welcome the occasional guest speaker to make the case for contrarian positions so they can assess the validity of the Postmodern philosophies they have been indoctrinated with, but this is not the case.

In fact, the students have been taught that anyone in opposition to their ideas is inherently racist or sexist and must not be permitted to speak.

They will not even let people who express heretical views step foot in their houses of worship or holy lands.

Not only has dissent been demonized, but the dissenter has been dehumanized.

There have even been moves in Canada to enact legislation designed to punish those who dare to speak language determined by the thought police tribunals to fall into the ill-defined categories of “Islamophobia”, “Homophobia” or racism.

The left once defended free-speech even if they strongly disagreed with the content of that speech. Those days are over.

The war on language as predicted by Orwell is happening now and the fate of Western civilization and free society hangs in the balance.

Telling the truth about some of the tyrannical, misogynistic and backward tenets of Islam does not make you Islamophobic.

Saying that you do not believe there are fifty sexual genders does not make you a bigot and simply being white does not make you a racist.

The fact that the Democrats nominated the queen of the oligarchy to represent them is another sign of their disconnection from their former selves.

Hillary lied us into the Iraq War along with the Neocons and made tens of millions of dollars by selling access to power in the form of “speaking fees” and “donations” from Wall St. and dictatorships.

She helped destroy Libya and create the migrant crisis, but the left supports war and chaos so long as it is delivered by a Democrat.

Another ironic darling of the left is Linda Sarsour. She was one of the main organizers of the women’s march on Washington. She is also an advocate and defender of Sharia.

This is the perverse world we live in where Islamists who promote the codified and systematic enslavement of women are the new champions of women’s rights.

Sarsour is obviously not interested in universal human rights. She is devoted to promoting her ideology and is using the progressive left as a tool of her Jihad.

Her values are completely at odds with the stated values of progressives, yet they embrace her.

She is exploiting the SWJ’s compulsion to virtue signal and blame every problem on Earth on the patriarchy while at the same time defending the most patriarchal culture in history. (Wrap your hijab around that.)

If Islamic laws were enforced, homosexuals and trans people would be executed and women would be treated as property.

The alliance of Islam and the leftist establishment is one of the most dangerous challenges we face as Islam is poised to be the dominant religiopolitical force on the planet in the coming decades.

The Pakistani government recently demanded that Facebook and social media sites help identify users so they could be prosecuted on charges of blasphemy that carry the death sentence. The demand was part of a clampdown on blasphemous material on social media.

This tyrannical union is a real, existential threat, but the left see themselves as victims.

They have collective paranoid delusions that Neo-Nazis are going to take over the world when the actual numbers and political power of the fringe groups are marginal at best.

The left also seems to be obsessed with Cold War paranoia concerning Russia, a country that has the GDP of Portugal and is not our enemy despite the hysteria of the Neo-McCarthyites.

By contrast to the non-existent threats of Nazis and Ruskies, the left has tremendous cultural power and there are 1.3 billion Muslims with that number set to double in the next thirty years.

Muslim fertility rates are higher than any other religious group.

Jihad and immigration policies that facilitate Hijra are ensuring that global demographics will radically transform our world over the next few decades.

What will a world ruled by Islam look like? Will the merger of 21st-century technology and a 7th-century ideology create a dystopic nightmare that makes “The Handmaid’s Tale” look like child’s play?

Is this the future being unwittingly conjured up by Silicon Valley and the leftists in the name of political correctness?

Will Sharia compliance robots roam the streets tasering women who dare to be seen in public without a head scarf?

Will algorithms be used to identify and punish the blasphemous thoughts of everyone online so that apostates, kaffirs, and atheists can be slaughtered en masse?

Will Mohammed’s dream of a global caliphate become reality in the coming century?

Those of us who prefer not to live on a prison planet run by madmen need to ask these questions and engage in a public debate about our shared future.

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