In yet another example of the hysteria over Cecil the Lion, Zimbabwe’s kleptocracy is calling for the extradition of the dentist who paid the dictatorship to hunt.

After 35 years of Mugabe’s rule, Zimbabwe’s per capita income is just over $900, yet Mugabe decries “white safaris,” where people pay $55,000 to hunt, as he throws million dollar birthday parties for himself, feasting on baby elephant (“eating a zoo” as some said), while enjoying trophy kills of lions & other animals.

Even though Zimbabwe is on the list as one of the worst countries in the world in attacking human rights, Obama’s administration is discussing using the Lacy Act, the same act they used to target Gibson Guitars, to come after the dentist who paid Zimbabwe’s lying king for the privilege to do as Mugabe does — trophy hunt.

Zimbabwe’s taxes & regulations that drive private businesses out of business and force the few people with jobs (85% unemployment) to work for the government is a perfect example of where Obama’s economic policies will lead.

Mugabe gained power and held power using hatred of white people, saying “Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy!” Is that any different in substance to the hatred of white people being cultivated with the “white privilege” propaganda now being weaponized in American media and educational institutions?

Zimbabwe shows us where it all leads.

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