Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
July 14, 2012

The NATO/GCC-funded Jihadist terrorists and mercenaries in Syria and their Bilderberg-owned political representatives in the West are accusing the Syrian government of committing another massacre. Their latest false accusation is perfectly timed with a new round of UN talks.

The writer “b” of MoA says: “Before any big UN event on Syria the opposition sets out to blame the government of committing a “massacre,” adding:

“The Syrian government certainly has no advantage by committing any mass atrocity before important UN meetings while the insurgency and its western sponsors are clearly using them for their propaganda purpose.

But this UN meeting “massacre” scheme is getting stall as even some journalists finally recognize this scam for what it is.”

The falsely labeled and NATO-controlled “Syrian opposition” is using deception, trickery, and terrorism even more than Mossad. It is a massacre industry, producing fictional atrocity stories to make Assad look bad and unresponsive to the will of the Syrian people.

Washington has come up with lie after lie to paint the rebels as poor innocent victims and government forces as barbarians on the march. But Washington’s inventiveness and cleverness cannot hide the reality of the situation from the Syrian people and the people of the world.

II. An Alliance Made In Hell: Jihadist Terrorists, NATO, Saudi Arabia, And Israel

The Jihadist terrorists in Syria slaughter women and children in their homes and cry to the world press about how they’re being victimized and massacred by the Syrian government. On one hand they claim to represent Islam, on the other hand they pretend to stand as the vanguard of an American-style Jeffersonian revolution against a tyrant.

The NATO-armed members of the “Syrian opposition” are dishonestly using the discourse of Islam and democracy in order to cover up their war crimes and deep connections to Western intelligence agencies. They have no honour and no sense of justice. Any group that wants power this much doesn’t deserve it.

In the face of these facts, some questions need to be asked. Why are the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist apes, and other Western-backed Islamist Trojan Horses that have infiltrated Middle Eastern societies seeking to destroy the modern, secular, and anti-imperialist government of Syria?

Is it to carry out the evil will of their masters in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv who are after world domination? Is it to form an Islamic Caliphate throughout the region and create the conditions for a clash of civilizations? Is it to de-link Iran from Hezbollah and thereby allow Israel to run roughshod over the Palestinian people and Lebanon? Is it to carve up Syria into little pieces and smash its national identity? Is it to make Israel the undisputed ruler of the region?

There are many plots and conspiracies. But it isn’t too difficult to weave through the jungle of lies and come up with satisfactory answers. One truth is clear – the Syrian people do not want a violent revolution, or a UN intervention. Chaos has been created from outside their country by NATO, GCC, Israel, and Turkey, and it is these same guilty parties that are demanding with a straight face that they must go into Syria to diffuse the situation and remove Assad from power.

It would be ironic if the Jihadists and Muslim Brothers who have come to power in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria as a result of the CIA-engineered Arab Spring turned against the CIA, MI6, and Mossad once in power and fight a “Holy War” against Israel and America. Is that the secret plan? It appears so. The governments America and Israel want to create new enemies, and start a clash of civilizations.

If Israel is really afraid of the Sunni Islamists in Syria then you would think it would be in favor of protecting and helping the anti-Islamist Syrian government during this foreign imposed crisis, right? Wrong. Israel wants Assad to fall and Syria to crumble so it can pick up the pieces along with Washington and London.

Richard Silverstein says that the IDF is threatening to invade Syria on the false premise that it has weapons of mass destruction. Israel is planning to commit new war crimes. It apparently didn’t learn its lesson from its defeat in its 2006 war against Lebanon, which it initiated with an act of deception.

III. The Rise of USrael-Backed Jihadist Terrorists

It is obvious who will take control of the central Syrian state if Assad is defeated: the Jihadist terrorists who use terror and deception to seize power. These bloodthirsty and sectarian Islamists are conducting heinous acts of terrorism and covert propaganda operations, which are being facilitated by their masters in the CIA-MI6-Mossad Brotherhood.

Israel and America aren’t worried that Jihadist terrorists are going to replace Assad. Why would they be afraid of men they own? They don’t own Assad, but they own the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jihadist commanders who are advancing NATO’s interests from Libya to Syria to Afghanistan.

NATO-backed Jihadist commanders have committed multiple massacres in Syria and Libya against Christians and other minorities. By comparison, Assad has committed zero massacres.

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