The ex-wife of Ibrahim Abdeslam, the supposed Paris suicide bomber, told the Daily Mail her former husband was an unemployed stoner who did not attend a mosque and only observed Ramadan when forced to.

Naima, who was married to Ibrahim for two years between 2006 and 2008, revealed to MailOnline that her ex-husband never went to mosque or prayed—although he did keep Ramadan, because his family forced him to.

His ‘favourite activities were smoking weed and sleeping’. He smoked an ‘alarming’ number of joints, at least three or four every day, she said.

Ibrahim—who, according to his family, had spent a ‘long time’ in Syria in recent years—didn’t have a job so he stayed at home all day watching DVDs and listening to the Arabic hip-hop music they both loved, she said.

He also reportedly ran the Café del Beguines bar near his home in the poor immigrant district of Molenbeek in Brussels. The bar was closed down after police discovered it was “used for the consumption of illegal hallucinogenic substances and had a strong smell of drugs and half smoked joints at the tables.”

If Naima’s recounting is true, then Ibrahim wasn’t a Muslim terrorist, but merely a terrorist on par with other mass killers. He may not have had anything to do with Islam or ISIS.

Ibrahim’s behavior is reminiscent of another supposed terrorist—Mohamed Atta.

If eye witness accounts can be believed, Atta drank alcohol, smoked marijuana and tobacco—all strictly forbidden by the version of Islam they supposedly subscribed to, Sunni Wahhabism. He also frequented strip clubs along with fellow supposedly devout Muslim Marwan al-Shehhi, who paid a stripper to perform a lap dance. Atta and al-Shehhi, Nawaq Alhamzi, Ziad Jarrahi, and Hani Hanjour also visited Las Vegas, the American sin capital.

It is possible Abdeslam was contracted by ISIS to kill innocents in Paris, but one has to wonder why a self-indulgent stoner who was not reported to be depressed—although his mother said he was “stressed,” whatever that means—would blow himself up with a suicide belt outside the Stade de France.

The establishment media—no longer interested in investigative journalism and instead dutifully acting as stenographers for the state—never bother to speculate on possible alternatives to the official narrative.

One such alternative is that Abdeslam was—like Mumbai terrorist Ajmal Kasab—brainwashed and programmed to kill by Islamists or a third party.

Both the CIA and KGB perfected brainwashing techniques that produced assassins, although the extent of the former will never be known because CIA director  Richard Helms ordered files kept by the MKUltra program destroyed in 1973.

Sirhan Shirhan, the alleged assassin of Robert Kennedy, claimed he was hypnotized. Patty Hearst also claimed she was brainwashed by the Symbionese Liberation Army. It is believed the SLA were CIA sponsored provocateurs.

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