Joe Wäges
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reading the leaked emails from the Hadley CRU in East Anglia conjures feeling of anger, betrayal and disbelief that such a fraud could be perpetrated by so few on so many. Shockingly, this is not the only time in history that we have a chance to peer behind the curtain of such a well organized and tight knit agenda. The seizure and publication of the correspondence and internal documents of the Illuminati Order, is a perfect example of this scenario as the parallels to leaking of the CRU’s email and internal documents are breathtaking.

As a researcher and student of history the most obvious connection is the discovery and publication of some of the original reports and correspondence of the Illuminati Order by the Bavarian Government in the later part of the eighteenth century. It is popularly believed that a courier named Lange was struck dead by lighting and his parcel of letters was turned over to Bavarian government, prompting the search and confiscation of documents on three separate occasions. The preceding account however is a work of fiction as insiders alerted the Elector of Bavaria, Karl Theodore to the true intention of the order; the abolition of all governments and religions so as to impose a one world government and atheistic religion based on reason and accomplished through incrementalism when possible, and revolution and subversion when not. Likewise, it was initially believed that the publication of the CRU’s data was the result of hackers, but it has since come to light that the information was leaked by an anonymous insider, just as in the case of the Illuminati as insightful information of this magnitude almost always is. The bulk and breadth of the seized information of the order has to this day never been translated into English and only limited accounts have been published. The following is an excerpt of one of the letters translated by John Robison in 1798 from Cato (Baron Franz Xavier von Zwack) to Spartacus (Adam Weishaupt). Its obvious similarities and link to the Hadley CRU leak speak for itself

Pages From Proofs of a Conspiracy – Robison 1798 p149-152

We learn that the Illuminati were about the business of infiltrating and taking over the existing Lodge structure throughout Germany and Europe. They took up residence in a house in Munich and crafted the appearance to be a “society of zealous naturalists”. In addition they cornered the market of print media, the main form of communication at the time. They set about the business of writing propaganda to affect their aims. They infiltrated and captured the key positions of academia, delivering pupils into their own hands. They subverted the church and took over the purse strings for their own benefit and placed their people throughout the court system. In short the captured and vertical integrated the education, information, and legal systems at all levels to allow their object to be accomplished.

At every turn and level the Illuminati sought to infiltrate and capture society to accomplish their agenda. Likewise the climate change cult has followed the very same course. They have placed their people in positions of highest levels of science. They have secured government funding for their work. They have attempted to silence all opposition. They block or belittle ideas that run counter to theirs from publication effectively cornering the market on respected scientific media. They reject the idea of god and replace him with reason and religion of science. They appear to be motivated by the collective good of humanity, to protect the environment, while their real aims are a eugenical mass-depopulation program. If there is any doubt about the similarities please refer to the following letter written by Weishaupt to Zwack.

Pages From Proofs of a Conspiracy – Robison 1798 P.103-105

We learn that Science is the lure for pupils to join their order as it has” an influence on the world, and may serve to remove obstacles out of the way” for accomplishing their agenda. Through a gradual process the neophytes will read a selection of literature that will twist their minds until there are free of religion and traditional measures of morality. Through this process they aimed to “drive the enemies… of reason and humanity from the world”. How ironic that the very system proposed would knowingly and intentional destroy the very fabric of society binding humanity. Likewise the climate change cult hopes to rid “humanity of its true enemy… humanity itself”.

Pages From The First Global Revolution – The Club Rome 1991 p.68-75

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