Most Americans are familiar with the 13th Amendment that freed the slaves, or the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote, but few people know about the 17th Amendment despite the fact that it may be the most impactful Amendment of the 20th century.

The 17th Amendment set into law that two senators from each state would be elected by the people of that state.

Prior to this, Senators were elected by the state legislature and could be recalled by the state legislature if they determined that the senator was not fulfilling his duty on behalf of the State.

The House of Representatives was always supposed to be elected by the general populace to represent their concerns.

The Senate was supposed to represent the State’s interest, to be above the common fray and able to make well-considered decisions without being subject to the ever-shifting winds of public opinion.

Now, thanks to the 17th Amendment, the states themselves have no representation at the federal level.

This has had untold consequences since it passed, with Senators able to undermine the sovereignty of the states and subvert their state’s interest – as long as they appealed to the people.

In order to wrest the controls of the federal government away from the easily manipulated democratic whims, and to restore the majesty and proper regulation of the Senate, we must repeal the 17th Amendment.

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