On March 5, 2014, Liz Wahl resigned from her job at RT during a live broadcast. According to Truthdig, the entire incident was prior knowledge and supported by no less than James Kirchick, a fellow of the neocon think tank known as The Foreign Policy Initiative.

Recently, Max Keiser revealed on The Alex Jones Show that he was approached by the minions of U.S. propaganda to join their team at Voice Of America. Keiser refused their offer. However, Liz Wahl got swept up in the arms of the slothful American propaganda movement fail.

Let’s get something straight here Ms. Wahl. Bloggers, journalists, and regular citizens pointing out faults in the overreaching power grab by government and corporations is nothing new. Ida Tarbell, one of the founders of the muckraking movement and the creator of investigative journalism, started this snowball back in 1900 when she went after the seemingly untouchable Rockefellers and Standard Oil using irrefutable documents to back up all of her claims, no different than what you see here at Infowars today.

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