In the age of reason, we the people cannot withstand to deny the powers that be.
Tyrannical forces, employed by our government, imposed on the people through
strategic, psychological oppression, must cease to exist.

The proximity of our fate has causes us to reexamine the truths that we hold to be
self-evident. All men are created by God and are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Therefore, our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are
to be valued by all of whom that desire such qualities and secured by governmental
entities, instituted by the people, monitored by the people, and most importantly,
for the best interests of the people. However, our government has forsaken its oath;
hence, the trust once established and respected for our leaders has been demolished
as deception pollutes the once, free air of our homeland.

Therefore, the time has come for us to reclaim our freedom. No more shall we suffer
and be passive as our government attempts to subjugate our civil liberties; our
tolerance has grown cold. To authenticate our speech, facts will bear witness to our

The government has embraced oligarchy, although the Law of the Land forbids it, and
which also imposes on our personal, political, and economic freedoms.

The government has failed to disclose information on acts of terrorism, both home
and abroad, although truth is a fundamental belief that should be shared and
practiced by all Americans.

The government has engaged in preemptive war without the civilian control of the

The government has permitted the president to launch an unconstitutional invasion of
an independent nation without Congress declaring war on that nation; that which has
not been justified by the common defense of the United States.

The government has allowed the president to be the commander in chief in times when
he was not called into the actual service of the United States.

The government has used false flag terrorism and staged provocations in an effort to
justify their malicious objectives for global control.

The government has in many cases, verboten our right to petition and peacefully
assemble for a redress of grievances, which by doing so violates the First

The government has denied the presence of political diversity and has ruled our
country by a dual-party system.

Throughout the course of these Oppressions, many of us were ignorant to the fact
that our leaders were engaged in such atrocities. Some of us feared knowing the
truth; and instead, negated the facts as a defense mechanism to mask our
disappointment. Amongst the few, however, the truth was transparent, as we wrestled
against the pressures of conformity. Yet, we persevered and we will no longer allow
our government to be deaf to the voice of justice nor dilatory in amending the
current state of our nation.

We, therefore, the people of the United States of America, re-declare our popular
sovereignty. We are the ultimate authority of our government and our nation. We
expect and demand that the our government will belay from secrecy and cloth itself
in truth and integrity. We reject the status quo and are united in our pursuit to
bring into fruition the constitutional and foundational precepts of our great

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