The unanimous Declaration of the people of the United States of America,

The blood of our founding fathers once again screams for justice. The
chains of tyranny they broke more than two hundred years ago have been
mended. The masses have long forgotten the pain of bondage, but the very
idea of freedom cannot be taken from the most ignorant of men. All mankind
has a God given right and desire to live freely, to live life fully and to
pursue happiness.

Our representation has long been abolished through the corporate lobbyists
who line the pockets of those who will do their bidding. Citizens of this
Republic have the right to redress of grievances which have gone unanswered.

When corruption and evil rules our nation, it is the right and duty of its
citizens to affect the proper changes. The Republic is crippled, but good
men will not stand idle and watch it disintegrate.

The founding fathers spoke of what should be done in times like
these. It is expected that the citizens of these United States resume and
retain control of their government. We are the leaders. We are the ones who
are the deciders. Our elected leaders have lost their way. They have lost
any semblance of the ideals in which this great nation was founded.

It is time once again to break these bonds before they are
clenched so tight they suffocate our Republic. Today is the day that we
reclaim our independence. Today is the day We the People stand united and
take back our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

With each passing generation, our elected Representatives have
grown more brazen in their attempts to undermine our civil liberties, to
destroy our Constitution and turn this country into a shell of its former

Our nation has become little more than a police state controlled by a tyrant
and the minions who were elected to represent our best interests. We the
People of the United States of America by the powers vested in us through
the United States Constitution do hereby remove from office all elected
representatives who have voted in favor of legislation that violates our
Constitution. Our freedoms have been destroyed by those who want to control
us. Let the undeniable facts speak for themselves.

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