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March 30, 2012

Struck by the odd similarities in Janet Napolitano’s, Elena Kagan’s, and Janet Reno’s faces? Countless lesbian women take testosterone not to change gender but as a strength and clitoris enhancer, to increase their sex drives, and to feel more powerful. The truth is testosterone abuse is rife in the lesbian community as much as steroids are everywhere in sports. Some lesbians who take testosterone desire and seek full gender transition and in this case they are called F2Ms (female to males). For others elevated testosterone levels are simply a endocrine disorder that has effected them since birth. Testosterone abuse is so common in the lesbian community there are scenes of shoot up parties much like cocaine parties. Many declare themselves simply “butch” not having a gender issue and this is accepted and even encouraged as the butch dynamic is seen as seizing power from males by becoming male-esq.

What would happen if you compared the faces of Reno, Napolitano, and Kagan with the well known F2M Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono? For good measure throw in a random F2M who has been taking testosterone for 16 months. The results were shocking.

All the women exhibited the same facial patterns. The before picture of Chaz Bono makes it clear how dramatic an effect this supplemental testosterone has on a woman. Women who have testosterone develop a flattened facial aspect. Female body builders who abuse horrific amounts of testosterone develop male skeletal features like brow ridges and elongated chins. Feminine women typically have neoistic features like very small noses and chins.

Now this may be a natural expression of high testosterone levels and they may NOT be supplementing with anything. But if one had to wager it seems something is going on. The similarities are just too extreme and you would need massive levels of testosterone to distort a face like that. Its all conjecture and just a theory but it does give pause if there isn’t something to the archetype of the tyrannical evil doing power woman in government.

What is interesting in these faces besides the increase in fat (although Reno had a slimmer face) is the total lack of feminine features. This is more extreme than just a woman who cuts her hair short. Something is going on with testosterone levels.

Another telling feature is that women with high estrogen grow taller and those with higher testosterone grow stunted. Following this pattern Kagan fits the bill at 5’3” but Napolitano’s 5’9 and Reno’s 5’11” frame clearly does not match.

Testosterone abuse has also reached epidemic levels in police departments, leading to “roid rage” and also results in skull deformity even for men.

After years of steroid abuse, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brow ridge became stronger and his chin grew even longer, so much so he had reduction surgery to achieve a more normal look. When milder levels occur in women the same things happen, and female body builders who abuse steroids can look forward to the same facial features – elongated chins and stronger brow ridges. A bodybuilding blog writes “In fact, female bodybuilding within its first couple of years took a direction with anabolic steroids that dismayed me to such a degree that I predicted that if female bodybuilding continued this trend, it would die out. With the use of male hormones, the women were no longer building a muscular female body, but rather masculine looking muscle on a female body. Along with the male muscles came the transformed face where female facial characteristics were erased and replaced with the distinct look of a testosterone face. Female bodybuilding when dominated by male looking bodies produced with male hormones would take on a freakish element supported by only a fringe element of society. “

In the end its a puzzle. What does it mean if the next woman in power appears with “Kagan Face”? Is it simply a coincidence that testosterone is in play, either natural or supplemented?

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