Jason Koebler
US News & World Report
May 22, 2013

Several YouTube videos show hobbyists who have allegedly created rudimentary armed drones.

But those who most often challenge anti-gun laws aren’t ready to get behind citizens’ armed drone rights – either real or perceived.

“It’s nothing I’ve ever heard of anyone wanting to do,” Dave Workman, a representative for the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “It certainly is an interesting idea, but if you’re launching an armed, remote controlled aircraft, I’d imagine you’d run into some serious safety issues. What if it crashes and you have a loaded gun on it?”

Though the FAA expressly forbids people from arming their private planes, it doesn’t forbid the shooting of guns out of the windows of planes or helicopters. While it is illegal in most states, in some places, it’s specifically permitted. In 2011, Texas passed a law that allows licensed hunters to shoot feral hogs from helicopters.

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