March 11, 2009

As promised, Alex Jones has decided to release his landmark film, The Obama Deception, early for Prison Planet TV subscribers.

You can now watch the film in its entirety in high quality streaming video over the internet. Prison Planet TV subscribers need only click on the link below.

Jones’ The Obama Deception disassembles the carefully crafted myth that Barack Obama is man of the people working in their best interest. In now legendary and hard-hitting Jones fashion, The Obama Deception reveals the sinister forces behind Obama — the international bankers who are determined to impose a dictatorial world government.

It is important that you see this film and learn the truth behind Obama and the forces in the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany.

If you are not a Prison Planet TV member, join today and watch not only The Obama Deception in high quality video, but all of Alex Jones’ films.

Get more information on Prison Planet TV’s The Obama Deception information page.


Subscribe today for the low price of just $5.95 and watch The Obama Deception in high-quality streaming flash, or download the film in Windows Media and Quicktime format. Click here to see the array of multimedia available to you when you become a subscriber or click here to sign up now.

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