August 7, 2009

On Friday, August 21, Alex launched a new poster contest. See the details here.

Get the posters in graphic image and PDF format here.

See the video entries here , here and here.

Alex will announce the winner of the contest this coming Friday. The contest has once again provided an example of people taking action and getting the word out.

Note: Obama Joker posters should be posted in public commons where other fliers, public announcements, handbills, etc., are posted. Please do not post on federal or private property as this will be considered vandalism and will be counterproductive and diminish the message of the Obama Joker poster.

Read about the double standard in regard to posting Obama propaganda in public: Obama Posters On Government Property Allowed; Anti-Obama Posters Called “Vandalism”

Get the posters in graphic image and PDF format here.

In order to awaken the people about Obama’s agenda, Alex is organizing a contest centered around the “Obama as Joker” poster that has Democrats and Obamanoids going ballistic.

Go to Infowars and download the posters, print them out, and put the posters up in public spaces around your town. Make sure to use a poster with Infowars displayed. Create a video of your poster offensive and post it on YouTube. Send the video URL to [email protected] by Friday, August 14, at 11:30PM central, and we will choose the best for the contest. Make sure to include “Obama Joker $1000 Video Contest” in the email subject line.

Contest winner prizes:

First Place: $1000

Second Place: $500

Third Place: $200

Honorable mention receives an original Alex Jones “Obama as Hitler” artwork

Get the posters in graphic image and PDF format here.

For a more precise explanation of what the Infowars Obama as Joker represents, please read Obama as Joker Explained.

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