The latest effort to stop Donald Trump comes 366 days late and at least a dollar short. Ed O’Keefe reports in The Washington Post:

Dozens of Republican convention delegates are hatching a new plan to block Donald Trump at this summer’s party meetings, in what has become the most organized effort so far to stop the businessman from becoming the GOP nominee.

Dozens! Out of the 2,472 total! This should be right in the nick of time.

Perhaps that’s too snarky. O’Keefe notes, “The new campaign is being run by the only people who can actually make changes to party rules, rather than by pundits and media figures who have been pining for a Trump alternative.” Even with that difference, it’s hard to put much stock in this.

For one thing, there’s a legacy of failed pushes to stop Trump—each trumpeted as the one that would finally take him out. There was National Review’s symposium of sharp-minded scribblers; the magazine even declared victory after Trump lost the Iowa caucus:

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