Socialism feeds on an endless supply of traitors and officially denounced political criminals
April 29, 2014

On Monday, former FBI informant Al Sharpton was interviewed by TMZ. He said if Donald Sterling was not punished for making politically incorrect comments in a wiretapped telephone conversation with a duplicitous girlfriend, Sharpton would call for an advertising boycott of the NBA.

A few hours later, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced he had banned Sterling for life from the franchise and fined him $2.5 million.

This is how political correctness works in America. If a government condoned group extended special social and economic privilege feels slighted in any way, it now has the power to wage economic warfare on targeted individuals. Donald Sterling is hardly a raving Ku Klux Klan racist. He is a snobbish elitist who did not want his girlfriend to mingle with the hired help. He did not use the dreaded “N” word or issue the standard reprehensible racist epithets.

Liberals increasingly use political correctness as a weapon. Salon recently lambasted Hollywood for portraying a fictional comic book character as a white heterosexual male. If we do not accept the radical liberal orthodoxy – the worship of government mandated minorities and sexual orientation – we will be singled out as the enemy and destroyed.

Donald Sterling is a billionaire. He can withstand attacks orchestrated by the likes of race profiling ambulance chasers like Al Sharpton. People of lesser means may not.

It was obvious from the beginning the global elite handpicked Barack Obama in order to use his skin color as a political weapon. Criticism of Obama – who, after all, is merely obeying orders issued by the shadow government and the financial elite – is translated into criticism of race, rendering the political opposition as throwback racists who can then be dismissed, attacked and punished.

This paradigm will continue with Hillary Clinton if she is appointed. It will be both racist and sexist to criticize the elite as they continue the takedown of America and the expansion of their order out of chaos wars of conquest in the Middle East, Africa and, most recently, Europe.

Al Sharpton, the compromised FBI tool, is playing his part as well. The race card playing careerists and political shakedown artists have their role. Sharpton and a legion of race pimps are not protecting their tribe, as they loudly and obnoxiously claim with the full participation of the Mockingbird propaganda media. They are leading an assault on enemies of the financial elite and its nomenklatura in government, banks and corporations. Of course, many of them believe they are progressive warriors when they are, in fact, dispensable tools.

Donald Sterling is a drive-by. He is a target of opportunity. His takedown is exemplary, not specifically political. If race, sex or gender is at minimum peripherally involved in politics, it will be used as a bludgeon. This became obvious when the establishment media twisted comments by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and, with the theatrical magic of MSNBC and CNN, turned him into a troglodyte racist.

Be forewarned. The so-called “culture war”is in fact a war of elimination. The political class taking orders from the elite are serious about eradicating all opposition. History is replete with examples – from Robespierre’s Reign of Terror during the French Revolution to the viciousness of the Bolshevik Cheka and GRU following the Russian Revolution and Civil War. Mao’s political purges, disguised as cultural revolutions, killed tens of millions who posed a political threat.

Socialism, beginning in Russia, is a documented operation designed by Wall Street. It is likely the most effective political consolidation and repression tool in modern history. It meshes perfectly with gulags, slave labor, death camps, and police state terror to enforce political and social conformity.

Al Sharpton and his minions are useful tools in the current context. Tomorrow they will be dispensable. Socialism feeds on an endless supply of traitors and officially denounced political criminals.

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