Laurence Vance
LRC Blog
September 26, 2011

From a participant in the Florida Straw Poll:

In order to vote in that thing, you had to pay a bribe of $175 to the war party of Florida. I did it but I feel like a sucker now because that money could have gone to the Ron Paul campaign but instead will be spent to fight Ron Paul.  Disgusting War Mongers totally manipulated the situation from a lose/lose to a win/win for them. I’m sick to my stomach now that I see what they did.

I am what you would call an infiltrator (— of the — County Republican Party) and they told me months ago that they were hoping the high price would “keep the Ron Paul crowd out.”

Dean Cannon, speaker of the Florida House, wore a Rick Perry sticker on stage and told people that he was “Florida’s Candidate.”

You hit the nail on the head about the cancer thing. I was sitting next to a lady that said that since he had beaten cancer he could beat Obama. I laughed so hard that the Sprite I was drinking shot out of my nose.

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