Inside on the grounds of the people’s House on the final night of the RNC, President Trump and a host of real Americans united the silent majority.

Outside the Soros army of division threatened to burn the historic St Johns church down yet again.

As Republicans and Trump supporters left the RNC to walk over to their hotel, the BLM brainwashed borg swarmed in on them.

A bus limo was targeted by the morons displaying their tactics of harassment, a far cry from anything resembling their right to assemble.

This display was just a tiny preview of what is coming as an Adbusters-planned siege of the White House on September 17th comes into view, kicking off with the Soros-linked Refuse Fascism protest everywhere on September 5th.

Is there any doubt that unless the national Guard is fully deployed that by Election Day Washington DC could become a fiery husk of its former self like so many unsuspecting cities across the Country?

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