Anthony Gucciardi
July 21, 2010

The censorship of the Obama Deception awoke the sleeping giant that is the patriot movement. Google has made a very large statement by reinstating The Obama Deception, after the film was mysteriously pulled along with other top documentary films created by Alex Jones. Not only is this the first time that the mega-corporation has restored a political video of such nature on Youtube, but the restoration also came after Google’s search engines were blasted with hard-hitting search topics.

With searches such as “Obama Deception Censored” reaching number 1, it was clear that the people were not happy with the censorship.

With searches such as “Obama Deception Censored” reaching number 1, it was clear that the people were not happy with the censorship. Initially, Obama Deception was the hottest search on Google Trends, but it was later pushed down the list despite a high volume of searches.

It was the immense response from concerned patriots that led to proper justice and reinstitution. With The Obama Deception being in the spotlight once more, it allowed for hundreds of thousands of people around the world to injected with a high-potency formula of truth. Censorship only enabled the video to become even more mega viral. Censorship simply does not work, and it only creates a full backlash against the corporation or governmental institution that is issuing the censorship. The roaring voice of the truth movement cannot be silenced, and only grows louder with each intellectual battle against tyranny.

This Is Not The First Incident Of Internet Censorship

Internet censorship has been extremely prevalent in the past few years, with Infowars and Prison Planet being blocked by filters around the world. Beyond censorship of individual websites promoting peaceful demonstrations and resistance to tyranny, the Cybersecurity Bill gives Obama complete control over the internet. This, of course, will most likely be abused beyond all imagination.

The internet has been a vassal of truth and information for years, and corrupt politicians are starting to voice their opposition to the internet and its informational database. Jay Rockefeller, of the Rockefeller family, stated that the internet should never have existed. The Rockefeller family have deep ties with eugenicist ideology, and helped to found IBM through financial funding.

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Jay Rockefeller has been confronted by We Are Change, a group that seeks to uncover the truth about 9/11 and other topics, about his position on internet censorship and his ties to eugenics. Instead of providing any answer, Jay Rockefeller begins to run away. One member asks about the famed Bilderberg group, in which he replies with a non-answer, saying that it is not part of the discussion. This is the man who gets a say in whether or not we are able to have an unregulated and uncensored internet.

Criminal Censorship Techniques Wake Up More People

The internet is the medium of choice for most people to display their work, read the news, or stay in contact with friends. When they find out that the internet is being assaulted by outlandish policy, they are going to be furious. If one person’s video is censored, then soon it will be your video. The very ability of free speech is what needs to be protected. Free speech can only be protected as a nation, by protecting the free speech of every single man. On the other side of things, it has already come out that in Britain they hold every phone call, email, and web search for one year. Telecom companies are required to do this by law.

Many People Are Fully Aware Of What Is Going On

The censorship of the Obama Deception is a testament to the ability of the people. Millions are aware of what is going on, and they have the intellectual power to create change through peaceful means. Completely dominating the global trends on Google Trends is but one way that the people have flexed their muscle. The Obama Deception has been seen millions of times, with the censored video receiving more than 6.6 million views, and it will continue to be seen by millions more (granted that the internet remains up and well). Continue to promote The Obama Deception and other truth films, and flex the muscle of the truth movement.

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