Julius Reade
Planet Infowars
August 5, 2013

The elite certainly aren’t stupid. To claim benign ignorance is really to ignore the complete malice of the bankster psychopaths at the top. They’re shafting you day in, day out, because they know you’re weak. Where’s your billion dollar executive bonus?

But you’re not weak, it’s just a perception of numbers. In fact you’d be perfectly sane if it weren’t for the financial scam of epic proportions that has left your head spinning in the dust that you no longer own. Part of you suspects government incompetence, though possibly in the back of your mind, comes to question those pesky corporations who seem to be denying your reality. But no. It’s your dear friend Ben Bernanke, head chairman of the Federal Reserve, the greatest shrewd since Anthony Weiner spoke. Period.

Let’s start with the basics. The interest rate is the price of money at any given time. If the interest rate is high, it essentially means that the cost to borrow money is also high, since you’re paying more to have access to that debt. Traditionally this meant that the economy was strong, because if prices are strong, so is demand for the currency. Strength = Demand.

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