Planet Infowars
Oct. 11, 2013

Its time you guys all watched some Santos Bonacci- quoting works dating back through the ages. Take a look at ‘Leonardo DaVinci- the Last Super Zodiac’ on Youtube.

The painting is a map of the Zodiac. As is the Bible (Babal/ Babylon). The Amun Ra (Roman Catholic Death Cult) runs EVERYTHING – granted on the instruction of the inbred bloodline- it is their corporation, that owns your Birth Certificate, and everything else. Research Santos, and the Crown and the Cross – in fact just search that phrase and check Google images.

Its everywhere. Anyone debating/pushing Religion, or various Countries fighting each other, or financial collapse etc- are ALL bought into the system- one system – or war, drug dealing, and much worse. The Sun is in Orbit. Start with that- none of these people will even tell you that. 2,160,000 years, 90 x 24,000 year “periods of time (the Mayan Calander Stone). We are in the new era- of the New World Order if you will.

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