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Sept. 25, 2013

Those that research and observe the New World Order and the Global Corporatists will eventually discover that those who work to spin the Earth and it’s inhabitants do things in Cycles, and they are almost always related to the seasonal changes of the planet.

We have now entered the Season of the Witch

Before the unwashed masses are put in their graves for permanent hibernation, they must be properly terrified of the coming Winter.  This conditioning is to ensure that a full scale revolt will not break out while the Globalists are at their weakest — immediately after the trigger is pulled on a Total Global War to exterminate the population and start over.

Total Global War is not an exaggeration.  The attacks already occur daily on all fronts.  The bullets and bombs are obvious, but a more quiet and sinister brand of attack is also being employed.  Mind control propaganda, poisoning the population with drugs and chemicals, and intentionally causing derision and strife between ethnic and religious groups for blood soaked profits printed on worthless paper.

At the peak of the chaos and strife, man made plagues will be released to kill those who choose not to participate in the violence — NO ONE is exempt except, of course, the so-called Elite, who plan to huddle in sanitized deep earth bunkers and eat freeze dried food for 10 years while a “Global Reset” occurs topside.

We are at a critical stage of The EndGame and the majority of humans on the planet do not even realize the peril they are in.  This shows how complete the mind control has been crafted.  The Sheep have been convinced that the Wolf has been chased away yet again, and that everything will be just fine — now please get in the truck that is on a one way trip to the slaughter house.

The build up and then false pull back before an overwhelming attack is a classic move, and historians will tell you this is truly the only way to win a completely decisive victory.  Convince your enemy that you tried your best and failed, and that you are going to withdraw — but instead you double back, divide, flank and conquer.

The Trojan Horse maneuver on a global scale.

Syria?  Oh, that’s all taken care of… haven’t seen it on the “news” in days.

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