The “new face of terror,” as identified by Fox contributor Charles Krauthammer, will be exploited by the state to make arguments in favor of NSA surveillance and military escalation in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

So far we have no confirmation of ISIS allegiance on the part of the Ottawa attacker. In the current political environment, however, no such evidence is required and little will be provided (as it wasn’t in the case of the alleged Boston bombers).

Lurid propaganda – from the reported atrocities of ISIS to its alleged beheadings of American journalists – conditions the public to give its consent for endless war abroad and to further establish an oppressive police state at home.

Krauthammer’s warning is instructive. He claims orders from ISIS are not required to set domestic terrorists in motion. A new generation of terrorists – radicalized over the internet and emboldened by supposed ISIS victories on the battlefield – produce a specter of truly frightening dimension. It cannot be ameliorated without sacrifice.

Fox News does not tell us how we will fight against such an enemy, but the solution is obvious – the West will fully embrace the neocon engineered Clash of Civilizations and its requirement for interminable conflict with an attendant proviso: the destruction of liberty and a “muscular role for the state,” as defined by Ben Wattenberg.

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