Nancy Pelosi still doesn’t understand that there is, and has been, a new sheriff in town.

Instead, she and her, “deflect the blame game,” socialist Democrats take zero responsibility for their actions as Washington endures the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

The game of chicken was made even more intense by a smug and arrogant Pelosi who thought she could tell the President of the United States to take a time out on his upcoming State Of The Union speech by either rescheduling or handing in his speech like a fourth-grade essay.

But Pelosi and company were quickly reminded who they were dealing with as they scheduled yet another trip to globe trot, while the shutdown lingers, this time to Egypt, Afghanistan, and the globalist stronghold in Brussels.

In an epic troll, President Trump postponed their trip.

Infowars version with live comments:

Brighteon Version:

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