A specter is haunting America. It is a group of influential individuals who harbor an intense hatred of such principles as private property, markets, limited constitutional government, and freedom itself. They are hardcore leftists who proudly list as their heroes communist agitators from the last century. They despise private property and advocate nationalization. They attempt to brainwash young children by distributing trinkets in public schools adorned with sayings by Karl Marx and Che Guevara. They advocate “urban Marxism” for America’s cities and “Third World communism” for the less-developed countries of the world. They employ shady figures from the sixties “protest movement” who admit to having committed violent crimes that caused the death of innocent bystanders. The head of the organization proudly accepted a lifetime achievement award named after an old communist revolutionary.

This organization specializes in waging vicious, malicious, campaigns of libel, slander, and character assassination against virtually anyone who publicly expresses support for private property, free markets, constitutionalism, individualism (as opposed to collectivism), and liberty. This of course is the old classic Marxist/Leninist political strategy.

At the top of their list of smear targets is a private organization that says it defends the principles of “faith, family, tradition, community, private property, loyalty, courage, and honor.” Anyone who says such things must be destroyed, says The Specter.

The Specter mobilized into hyper-smear mode when this same private organization wrote on its Web site that it opposes the state’s “perpetual wars for perpetual peace;” the notion that the U.S. government should “rule the world;” the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and all other offensive wars; and all forms of political correctness. All such talk should be brutally censored, says The Specter.

Another private organization that has been viciously smeared by The Specter is one that lives by the motto that “the legitimate function of government” is to secure our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and property because “the nature of government is to usurp the liberty of the people.” They, too, must be marginalized and destroyed says The Specter. Any totalitarian would wholeheartedly agree.

The Specter once convinced the Department of Homeland Security to publicly announce that anyone with a “Ron Paul for President” bumper sticker “posed a terrorist threat.” To The Specter, Ron Paul’s well-known views on economics, civil liberties, and foreign policy are bound to incite acts of domestic terrorism. Of course, to the hardcore Marxists employed by The Specter, tax cuts or opposition to socialized medicine (or any other government program) would constitute “domestic terrorism.”

The Specter also spews hatred and slander at police and military officers who have reiterated their pledge to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Indeed, anyone who says such a thing is instantly placed somewhere on The Specter’s Hate-O-Meter.

When describing this “specter” I speak of course of the moral conscience of the Washington establishment, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which should more appropriately be labeled the Soviet Poverty Law Center. All of the above facts about its opinions and activities are well documented. See, for example, my LewRockwell.com articles, “Racial Racketeering for Fun and Profit;” “What a Hate Group Hates;” and “The Latest Leftist Smear of Patriots and Constitutionalists.” Think about this the next time you hear that an individual or organization has been placed on the Soviet Poverty Law Center’s “hate group” list, should be considered to be a public enemy, and should be banned forever from the public square.

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