Luke Rudkowski
December 18, 2008 had an amazing street action this past Saturday December 13th, 2008 at Ground Zero, New York City. We were joined by 9/11 victim family members, 9/11 1st responders and Former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura.

Manny Badillo, Bob McIlvaine, FDNY John Schroeder, Major Mike McCormack, Jesse Ventura and the team were out in full force to help spread awareness about 9/11 truth. Meeting with these heroes makes you understand how real and important our fight is.

I Luke Rudkowski, have been coming to Ground Zero for the past five years every Saturday and this past Saturday was the best one of all. The spirit of change and truth is here and is not going away until we get justice for all those affected by 9/11.

Join us every Saturday for our weekly Ground Zero vigil from 1pm to 5pm as we educate the public at large with free flyers and DVD’s. I want to thank all the patriots who throughout the years donated to our organization to make this possible, every cent donated goes directly to the front-line of the info war in NYC.

efoodsOur spirit is strong with public support of our weekly street actions and new confrontations that will be debuted in our upcoming film “Truth to Power: The Spirit of CHANGE.” Nothing can stop us, as long as we keep our moral up and never give up; amazing things can happen, which everyone will be able to see in our film.

It was an amazing day that ended with the celebration of 9/11 hero 1st responders Major Mike McCormack’s 50th Birthday.

We Are Fearless, We Are Patriots, We Are CHANGE!