Alexander Meyer
June 3, 2011

This past Saturday, the 28th of May would have been an interesting day for Thomas Jefferson had he still been alive. In the heart of Los Angeles he would be dancing along side hundreds of others in celebration of his message of liberty, which was the focal point of the Nullify Now conference. Whereas, had Jefferson been performing the very same dance in the halls of his own memorial, in the heart of the nations capitol, he would have been assaulted and arrested.

This paints the very real picture of our times. We have unchallenged Federal power coming face to face with the boiling passion of a grass roots revival for liberty.

An enthusiastic and diverse segment of that grass roots movement was out in force at the Nullify Now conference, along with live music with a message like Jordan Page and a handful of liberty minded vendors. The standing room only crowd filled the 30th story penthouse hall of the AT&T building; all to see inspiring talks from Scott Horton of AntiWar, John Dennis (Republican challenger to Nancy Pelosi) , Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, and the key note speaker for the evening Thomas E. Woods Jr. As the title of the event implies, the conference sought to educate concerned Americans about the tyranny blocking firewall that Jefferson introduced into political discourse, Nullification. As Tom Woods puts it in his latest and aptly named book “Nullification”:

“Nullification begins with the axiomatic point that federal law that violates the Constitution is no law at all. It is void and of no effect. Nullification simply pushes this uncontroversial point a step further: if a law is unconstitutional and therefore void and of no effect, it is up to the states, the parties to the federal compact, to declare it so and thus refuse to enforce it. It would be foolish and vain to wait for the federal government or a branch thereof to condemn its own law. Nullification provides a shield between the people of a state and an unconstitutional law from the federal government.”

This succinct expression of nullification is illustrated in the infographic below.

There may be a few mainstream media viewers out there who have heard pundits blurt out distracting buzz words at every mention of nullification. Such as the Rachel Maddow favorite of labeling those who would opt to use this populist power as “Neo-Confederates”. I need only address this absurdity by directing you to an interview with a zombie; What could be the perfect breakdown of the MSM’s treatment of the issue versus the expert himself, Mr. Woods.

For those interested in learning more on the power of nullification check out Mr. Woods’ book, or kick back and watch the entire talk he gave at the first annual (hopefully) Nullify Now conference.

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Alexander Meyer’s article first appeared on The TrepaNation.

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