The Obama holdovers at the State Department rule the United States as they undermine the Executive Office with a counteroffensive intended to please their globalist puppetmasters.

The South China Morning Post reports, “Conflict between the United States and China will be ‘inevitable’ and result in ‘a catastrophic outcome’ that ‘will be worse than world wars’ unless the countries settle their differences, according to 96-year-old former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.”

Kissinger, who has apparently never left the State Department in 50 years, flings this threat in the face of President Trump as he renegotiates lopsided trade deals out of the claws of the NWO darling communist China.

This is why America must endure an impeachment hearing based mainly on “feelings.”

The stench of treason is overwhelming in Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon, as Americans realize this impeachment hearing isn’t about President Trump, it’s about an entrenched federal bureaucracy exercising its hidden powers to further the globalist indoctrination of the American republic.

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