JT Coyoté
March 25, 2010

As I  pointed out in an article here a few months ago, there is a specific “lawful” procedure, a specific set of steps that must be followed in order to satisfy lawful service, and peacefully stop unlawful federal mandates including this Obama-care travesty.  I describe this procedure much like the final moves in a chess game. The states must pass the 10th Amendment Resolution first, which demands that the federal agency show chapter and verse, to the satisfaction of the state, as to the constitutionality of any federal mandate. This resolution  puts the federal government on notice that the states are perfectly capable of understanding the Constitution and the 10th Amendment and know exactly what they mean. This informs the federal government that it’s King in check.  Once 38 of the 50 states have independently informed the federal government of this condition, the feds can continue their little game… or they can resign it.

If the FEDS choose to continue, then the states independently put forth the Constitutional State Sovereignty Act which spells out the specific mandate or mandates that they wish to address, or can retroactively review all federal mandates at will. This bill when enacted into law within the state, emphasizes with real law that the state no longer recognizes any power exerted by the federal government, that has not been determined by the state legislature to be within the prescribed parameters set by the Constitution regarding federal power. This power was reserved by the states in the 10th Amendment and gains its power by the rights reserved to the People in the 9th Amendment. Thus, without state review affirming a federal mandate, it cannot become law within the state.

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In effect this shuts down federal power within the state over and above that which is spelled out in the Organic Constitution, or that the state determines by law, to be within the bounds of the Constitution. This opens to state scrutiny, all federally enacted “law,” including all constitutional amendments and subsequent statutory interpretation that has been enacted since the ratification of the organic Constitution on December 15, 1791. In effect… “Checkmate!” The FED’s game for total control is lost. All it takes is 38 states working Independently in communication with other states to effectively shut down the foreign usurpers, “LAWFULLY.”

Each of these state resolutions, and each of the sovereignty acts, must be done within the state alone with some communication between states of course,  but not by some kind of convention. I’m sure you all understand why. The flurry of constitutional amendments that exploded in the confusion after the civil war and the Lincoln assassination, from 1865 until the present day, are precisely the method that has been used by the rogue federal government to exploit the states and the people to seat itself in primacy in 1871. As a result over time their plan has rendered us debtors and paupers in the richest land on planet Earth.

The Bill of Rights begins at the 1st Amendment with the words, “Congress shall make no law…” By the time of the nefarious and usurping 16th amendment… amendments begin with the words, “Congress shall have power…”

Think about it…

As has been correctly pointed out, there is latent secession-ism, in some of these resolutions. The secessionists as I have stated before, are a provocateur group.  They have their roots clear back to before the Civil War. The object of their provocateuring is to stop any possible lawful 10th amendment movement within the states aimed at reigning in Federal power. Their goal is twist it into an unlawful secessionist movement. If someone says they are for secession, then what they are really saying is they are for Vassal State Globalism, pure and simple, whether they know it or not.

Adhering strictly to the organic Constitution for the United States of America and the Bill of Rights as ratified in convention on December 15, 1791, ( the only time the Constitution was fully ratified, I might add ), as being the basis of, and for this inquiry via the 10th Amendment, the enacted law needed to accomplish this. This is why it is necessary and essential that the organic 1791 ratified Constitution SHALL BE, and must remain untouched as the supreme Law of the Land, being in itself the organic basis for the 10th Amendment and the Law empowering these Constitutional complaints against the federal government. In so doing, the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty movement remains lawful and true.  Remember, the present federal government is NOT our constitutional government, it is a corporatist foreign power bent upon complete take over.  Because of this, any talk of secession, the breaking of the Constitutional Agreement, or the breaking away of any state from the constitutional union, would spell disaster!

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