Andrew Steele
June 29, 2012

John Roberts– who was appointed by the son of the man who once proudly heralded the coming of the New World Order on the floor of Congress– made a ‘surprising’ run to the left on Thursday, ruling in favor of Obamacare’s insurance mandate, forcing Americans to buy the same insurance they couldn’t afford to begin with and using the power of government to give insurance companies more customers while pretending to punish them. Claiming that the mandate is a tax, despite the fact that Obama once said that it wasn’t, the federal government is forcing Americans to buy a product before voluntarily participating in an activity, drawing a big X over the rest of the U.S. Constitution, and upholding a limitless definition of Congress’s taxing power as the standard by which it can do whatever it wants. Unlike the income tax or auto insurance, which theoretically a person can avoid by not working and not driving, the health insurance mandate is a tax that a citizen pays simply for being alive.

For years America has been divided on this issue, with one side touting Obamacare as an exercise of “democracy” and the majority on the other side rejecting it as “socialism” (which pure democracy leads to). In reality the healthcare law is corporatism on steroids, with insurance companies eager to “enroll America” within days of the law’s passing.

After the ruling on Thursday, “Bilderberg Party” co-candidate Mitt Romney made a bland political statement that essentially said nothing, and several public figures who were in favor of the law, seeking to put the issue to rest, claimed the issue has been settled now that is has gone to nation’s highest court, overlooking the last steps of action justified by the federal government’s violation of the 10th Amendment, and outlined by the Declaration of Independence– which states the right of free people to abolish (or secede from) governments that overstep their bounds. While many claim this last action could never happen in America– given the nature of certain citizens who only embrace ‘rebellion’ when it’s endorsed by some faction of the establishment using them to water down revolutionary inclinations or unknowingly advocate for what the establishment wants– it is an option that still exists, nonetheless, and stands as the true final step of resistance. Such an action, if taken, would need to be proclaimed by state governments in order to have the most teeth. Minus the assistance of state governments, citizens are entitled to practice noncompliance with unconstitutional laws, provided that they are acts of noncompliance, not offensive violence, and that any violent acts that result are those of the federal government showing its hand and cracking down on the rights of its citizens while it pretends to stand for freedom to the rest of the world.

Secession should certainly be the final resort. If a state were to lead the charge, a declaration of secession would have to be the last step behind a reassertion of its 10th Amendment rights and its own declaration on noncompliance with the law through nullification. This would put the ball back in the federal government’s court, with the state essentially stating to it, “ok, make me”, and forcing the federal government give the first shove, if it had to come to that (which it doesn’t need to). Last year, when the state of Texas considered a law that would have prevented TSA agents from groping innocent passengers, the federal government threatened to ban any flight to and from the state…the modern day equivalent of blockading Boston Harbor. Unfortunately Texas backed down, robbing America of what could have been a showdown that would have forced the White House to either show it’s true face, solidly establishing it as an enemy of its people and an occupying force, or once again wear the leash that our founding fathers made for it.

The Supreme Court shamefully shielding the blatantly unconstitutional insurance mandate should be seen as one of the last breaths gasped by canary in the coal mine by anyone still in doubt that our constitution is being rendered null and void by the big money interests seeking to control the world, and the puppet officials who serve them. The last political solution between chaos or surrender lies within state governments and within individuals in these states who are resolved in their decision to stand their ground and not comply. For anyone to believe that sending establishment Republicans to Congress and rallying behind Mitt Romney in the next presidential (s)election is going reverse the outcome of the Supreme Court’s ruling is naive at best, and intellectually negligent for anyone who knows that both major political parties are really just two sides of the same coin.

Resistance needs to be grassroots, not a controlled opposition that results in the reaffirmation of the status quo.

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