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February 16, 2011

Why has the media left untouched the mystery of Mubarak’s reported coma coinciding with his sudden departure? Was his untimely illness a side-effect of the U.S.-backed military coup that removed him from power only days ago? Are we to believe that the Egyptian dictator’s 30-year political career and personal health failed at the exact same time with no correlation? Alex Jones examines these questions in a special video address.

These questions will remain until we are told the truth, but the implications of yet another suspiciously-timed political ousting, illness/death and/or coup signify something uncomfortably familiar. What they have done to Mubarak has been tried against countless dictators and legitimate rulers alike when they crossed the larger agenda of the New World Order. The powers that be are trying to have Mubarak’s assets seized while sources indicate that Mubarak himself is likely near death.

Meanwhile, globalist interests are utilizing this spreading popular revolt to inflame the Middle East and surround Iran for either covert or overt war. Further, military control and a suspension of the Parliament and Constitution, not an era of new democracy, has emerged in Egypt. Elections are expected in 6 months. Stay tuned as the situation develops, but don’t wait to see through the globalist-laid plans in the region. Their intent is known.


Sources include:

Rumors swirling about Mubarak’s health and whereabouts

Mubarak falls into coma after final speech: report

Report: Mubarak’s health deteriorating, refusing treatment

Ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak near death: reports; protests flare up in Bahrain, Yemen…

Where has Mubarak stashed his millions?

Egypt Asks US To Freeze Former Officials’ Assets

Britain to Look Into Freezing Assets of Mubarak Associates

Ousted despot moved assets out of Europe?

Muslim Bros Plan Political Party…

Paul Craig Roberts: Has There Been An Egyptian Revolution?

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