Lee Rogers
Rogue Government
May 15, 2008

The technological enslavement system is now being implemented on a grand scale by the architects of the global scientific dictatorship. Aviation News reported recently that the TSA will be installing 200 body scanners in airports around the United States. The body scanners are reminiscent out of something you’d see in the science fiction film Total Recall. The difference between the body scanners in Total Recall and the body scanners being deployed in real life is that the body scanners in Total Recall are actually less intrusive. The real life body scanners are a complete invasion of privacy and actually reveal a person’s naked body when they go through the scanners. In addition to the deployment of body scanners, there have been reports indicating that face scanning technology is now going to be used to prevent underage smoking and drinking. These are just some of the technological horrors that are being deployed and their purpose is not to keep people safe from terrorists. Instead, this technology is meant to enslave the people of the world in an Orwellian technocratic control grid.

From Aviation News:

TSA Administrator Kip Hawley, during congressional testimony on May 13, announced plans to deploy hundreds of next generation, multi-view x-ray machines and whole body imagers.

During the next two weeks, the agency will install more than 200 of the faster, clearer x-ray machines to airports, including Philadelphia, Washington Dulles and Reagan National, Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas and others. The new x-ray machines include multiple views of carry on baggage and a much clearer image, allowing officers to screen carry-on bags with fewer physical searches.

Millimeter wave whole body imagers will be deployed to several airports in the coming weeks, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, Detroit, Las Vegas, Washington Reagan National, Denver and others. These technologies allow officers to screen passengers for metallic and non-metallic items without conducting pat-down inspections. Millimeter wave is currently deployed to airports in Phoenix, Los Angeles International and New York’ JFK. At the airports where millimeter wave is currently deployed, more than 90 percent of passengers have chosen the machines over pat-down inspections by officers.

The ACLU and others have been critical of these body scanning devices dating back to 2002 because they reveal the naked bodies of the people going through them. Of course the TSA doesn’t care about any of that since they have to keep us safe from Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is really nothing more than a psychological warfare operation directed against the American people, but that doesn’t matter to the average TSA employee that gets off on their childish power trips.

Other technological horrors that are being developed to enslave the people of the world include face scanners to combat underage drinkers and smokers. The BBC and other media outlets have reported on a plan to use face scanning technology to stop underage smoking in Japan as well as a plan to use similar technology to stop underage drinking in the United Kingdom.

The following is taken from a Daily Mail report on the face scanning technology being deployed by a supermarket chain to stop underage drinking.

Underage drinkers who attempt to buy alcohol may be thwarted by the technology that police use to identify suspected criminals.

A supermarket chain is introducing face recognition cameras to prevent staff mistakenly selling cigarettes and alcohol to under-18s.

The biometric technology is being piloted by Budgens at one of its London branches.

If successful, it could be rolled out across the country to create a database of youngsters who try to buy alcohol.

It is ridiculous that any organization would need a database of young people who try to buy alcohol. Maybe they are getting ready to that claim underage drinkers are with Al-Qaeda. Why not? Their assertions and claims surrounding Al-Qaeda are getting to be that insane. Joking aside, none of this has anything to do with fighting terrorism or keeping people safe. Teenagers have always experimented with alcohol and drugs, and intrusive technology like face scanners is simply not going to change that.

Other recently reported measures being employed by governments and private companies include an Internet provider’s plan to eavesdrop on customer’s web surfing activity, a high flying sky spy guard for the 2010 World Cup, cameras to catch cars in bus lanes in New York City, airport styled scanner devices in the streets of the UK, airport styled checkpoints in Chinese subways and many others of which there are too many to mention. Regardless of the excuse for these initiatives, it is clear that there is a real pattern of technology being used not to preserve liberty but to ensure a tyrannical enslavement grid.

As crazy as all that is, the Air Force has even gone public with their intention to have control over every single computer in the world as part of their quest to achieve wholesale domination in the information war. Considering that they are receiving billions to fund these types of cyber warfare operations, it is very likely that they will be able to achieve this goal.

There is no doubt that the technological enslavement system is here and it is growing increasingly out of control. Would free societies have face scanning cameras to catch underage drinkers and smokers? Would free societies have virtual strip searches at airports as part of an initiative to fight an imaginary terrorist organization? Would free societies be doing any of these things that are covered in this article? The answer is no. Even if you believe in the war on terror fraud, ask yourself why there are all of these initiatives from both governments and private companies to destroy the very things that this war on terror is supposedly meant to protect and preserve.

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