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November 8, 2013

The Top Ten Reasons Why Jesse Ventura Can Provide Real Change for the Better if elected President in 2016!

Date: November 7th 2013

Author: Pete Wichert

The recent behavior by the past two Presidents of the United States of America have impacted the way the world looks at our country but also how the citizens look at our elected officials and we have become more aware of their actions. George W. Bush set the precedent for and prepared the people for the increased executive power which Obama has abused with the Patriot Act. Now Obama has increased the power of the Executive Branch and has launched drone strikes at will in Pakistan and other Middle Eastern nations without any congressional approval. He has tried to attack Syria without approval of the lawmakers or even ten percent of the people. The abuse of power is even worst when you look at all the executive orders he has signed and the destruction of the constitution by taking over the internet and even the weather! Obama has also given big money to the banks that put us in the 2008 recession and the NSA spy grid of the entire world combined with government healthcare control makes me wonder just how much more the government can control? The number one enemy is the 2nd amendment and the guns have been a major talking point of the Obama administration during both terms in office and the laws he has put in place could cause the next President to order gun confiscation and Mr. Obama himself could still accomplish this before his term is over. If Obama does get the guns what could be next for the new President to take away as far as the citizens God given rights protected by the constitution. We must stop electing Democrats and Republicans in order to get real change and one man has a track record of being able to pull off a political election upset and that man is former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. The following is a list of ten facts why Jesse Ventura and nobody else can help change America for the better and actually have the people in mind when making decisions in office.

1) As Governor of Minnesota he did not meet with a single lobbyist at all!

2) The Democrats and Republicans have not allowed a third voice in the debates and Howard Stern has been open about providing Jesse a platform to speak to the people without raising money himself. This kindness which Stern displayed is the reason Jesse Ventura offered Howard the chance but it is likely he will choose another VP and his offer was and is out of respect.

3) Jesse Ventura is anti-war and said if we cut defense spending and stop these wars Jesse has already said we should bring our troops home to protect the mainland and stop the wars and we could pay for new infrastructure and healthcare ten times over. He understands we need to change our economy from a wartime economy and is already thinking of ways that can happen.

4) He is aware of the 2nd Amendment and why it is important to protect the people from government tyranny and would not allow any form of gun-control especially confiscation.

5) His strong personality would not allow him to be bought by the banks and we could remove corporate control of politics and the Wall Street bankers.

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