As a kid, Sergio Florez remembers a lot of interesting company coming over for dinner in their New York City home. The conversations were peppered with references to international affairs, Fidel Castro, and Cuba.

Florez’s father, Armando, was a former Cuban diplomat to the United States, Belgium, India, and Czechoslovakia who later defected to America and became a vocal critic of the Castro regime.

At the time, Florez didn’t think too much about it. It was only when he got older that he began to realize the history his father lived through—the Cuban Revolution, the missile crisis, the Bay of Pigs, and the dashed dreams of that revolution.

Now he wants to write a book about it, but the best information source is the Central Intelligence Agency and transparency isn’t high on its priority list. So Florez, a managing editor at the New York Times, is suing the CIA to get its files on his father.

Florez said his father was nearly as tight-lipped as the CIA about his days as a diplomat.

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