A satirical Twitter account perfectly summed up the absurdity of the Hillary email scandal this week in just one tweet.

“The IRS’ computer receives over one million hacking attempts per day, but Hillary’s private server was never hacked, not even once,” the tweet says.

During a discussion with the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen revealed that hackers make “more than 1 million malicious attempts to access them each day.”

“We work continuously to protect our main computer systems from cyber attacks and to safeguard taxpayer information stored in our databases,” Koskinen said. “These systems withstand more than 1 million malicious attempts to access them each day.”

Despite claims from Hillary that her private email server was never once hacked, her role as secretary of state would have undoubtedly made her a massive target.

“On a [target] scale of 1 to 10, she’s a 10,” Richard C. Schaeffer Jr., former director of information assurance at the National Security Agency, told the Washington Post in March. “When you think of treaties, trade negotiations, any thing that the secretary of state would be involved in, she would be an incredibly lucrative target — maybe even more so than the president.”

A February 2011 memo sent to then Secretary of State Clinton warned of “a dramatic increase … in attempts by [redacted] to compromise the private home e-mail accounts of senior [State] Department officials.”

In fact, according to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, a 12-year agency veteran who served under both presidents Bush and Obama, hackers did indeed gain access to the server.

“A source fed to me… This is an unimpeachable source who said, ‘Not only was the email server hacked… but the Clintons knew it was hacked and they kept using it,’” Bongino said.

Hillary, who shared above top-secret information over the poorly-secure email server, remains under FBI investigation.

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