The feminist war on men taking up “too much space” on the subway, coined “manspreading,” is generating major backlash against feminism, which has already lost much of its public support.

The war on “manspreading” recently came to light after New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced it would begin cracking down on male passengers who “take up too much room on the subway by spreading their legs in a wide V,” but at the front of this crusade are feminists who see it as another opportunity to wage war against men.

“Given the frequency of sexual harassment in subway cars, it seems like the least men can do is avoid unwanted contact,” Elizabeth Plank, a self-described feminist, wrote for

She even filmed herself “manspreading” on a subway to see how riders reacted, but public response to the video – and the war on “manspreading” in general – was overwhelmingly negative.

“The term ‘manspreading’ itself is sexist, and the campaign appears to be nothing more than an attempt to emasculate men,” Kyle M. commented. “The problem is with people taking up too much space on the subway, and women are just as guilty of this when they place their bags on the seat.”

Another commenter echoed a similar sentiment.

“This is why the new wave of feminism isn’t taken seriously by many people,” Jared P. wrote. “It’s getting really silly.”

“Every minutiae of every day life is turned into something about the patriarch.”

And that’s precisely why feminists spent the past year losing support on every front: by declaring literally everything an “attack on women,” they have corrupted genuine women’s rights issues into a full-blown gender war under the mottoes “Ban Men” and “Kill All Men,” but fortunately women are now rejecting radical feminism en masse.

“Modern American feminism is becoming increasingly irrelevant because its causes and narrative don’t quite fit with the lived experience of American women,” Karin Agness of Town Hall wrote. “There is too much of a focus on getting attention no matter the means.”

“And the underlying message often conveyed is that women are victims who can’t stand up for themselves.”

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