From pushing gun control to Obamacare, the National Football League promotes big government propaganda to its millions of obsessed fans while also making billions of dollars as a “non-profit” organization subsidized by taxpayers.

For one thing, the NFL is certainly conditioning the American people to give up their rights by subjecting them to excessive pat-downs, bag searches and security theater at every football game.

The league also attacks the individual’s right to self-defense and even rejected a commercial last year which reminded Americans of that right.

The NFL didn’t ban the ad last year to avoid politics. In fact, the league uses every opportunity it can to advocate gun control.

And the “non-profit,” tax-exempt NFL pockets billions of dollars every year, all while forcing taxpayers to fund their massive stadiums and drink up big government propaganda.

If that didn’t upset you enough, here’s what the NFL’s Commissioner, Roger Goodell, made over $44 million from the “non-profit” NFL a few years ago.

But at least the games are purely decided by talent and sheer luck, right? Right?? Nope.

Simply put, the NFL dumbs down the population and keeps them focused on sports instead of what truly matters in their lives.

As long as the population is distracted by the NFL, the government can expand without fear of massive resistance.

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