The U.S. media has crossed the Rubicon into a world of abject nuttery. It’s one thing to predict it happening, it is quite another to bear witness.

There are literally a hundred current stories/issues which, under normal non-corrupt circumstances, would be top headlines.  Instead the media hides the most jaw-dropping governmental corruption revelations, and choose to focus on the ridiculous.

On one hand, looking at the geography, there’s a sense that eventually they are going to have to cover stories like WikiLeaks, Project Veritas investigative series, or the now openly transparent corrupt leadership influence of the FBI.

However, on the other hand is an acceptance the corporate media (writ large) really don’t have anything to lose by ignoring all of it.

Indeed, if the media lose this election – all their influence and affluence will vaporize…. so they’re really in a situation where there’s no risk from continuing the current objective.

That said, their predictable behavior is still a remarkable thing to see.  They have become a parody of themselves, albeit by their own corporate doing.

CTH readers are in a unique position having spent the past two years predicting this inevitable conclusion.  However, even though we knew these moments were going to play out, it’s still remarkable to look around and notice the severity of it.

We would be remiss if we didn’t draw attention to one of the brutally obvious WikiLeak releases which highlight just how far the corporate media agenda has been exposed.

Last night we noted two of the WikiLeak emails (Here and Here) directly aligned with Newsmax and the founder/owner of the organization, Chris Ruddy.   Rather than re-write the entire expose’, 100PercentFedUp has a good outline.


Like the Fox News/Wall Street Journal [Murdoch] expose’ from last year, the Newsmax issue surrounds immigration reform and the hidden agenda of Mr. Ruddy to support the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill.

John Podesta and Chris Ruddy were exchanging emails while discussing the failed 2014 House of Representatives support for the Senate Go8 bill.

What you find within the entire set of emails and the accompanying storyline is that NewsMax was supporting immigration/amnesty while putting on a “conservative” ruse.  The “Denis” in the email is Denis McDonough, President Obama’s Chief of Staff, aka ‘the White House fixer’.

We fully exposed the construct of the back story when it happened, and immediately thereafter –SEE HERE-.  Denis McDonough was the liaison between the White House and GOP Leadership including John Boehner (Speaker), Eric Cantor (Majority Leader), Kevin McCarthy (Whip), and Paul Ryan (immigration reform supporter).

After Cantor lost his primary election bid to Dave Brat, the immigration scheme collapsed – it was only three days from a vote.  The WikiLeaks emails surround this June/July 2014 time frame where the “conservative” immigration reform supporters amid the Wall Street controlled media world were annoyed and consoling each other.

As such, in hindsight Newsmax can be added to the growing list of  faux-conservative media who were collaborating behind the scenes to pull an immigration ruse on their audiences.

Other media outlets previously exposed were: Fox News/WSJ (Murdoch), Rush Limbaugh(Clear Channel/Bain Capital – Romney), Salem Media Communications (Hot Air, Twitchy, Human Events, Red State, The Weekly Standard, Hugh Hewitt, et al).  All of these “conservative media” entities –and all of the pundits/authors therein– were factually part of the corporate media goal to pass the Gang of Eight bill.

It is not accidental that almost all of the “Never Trumpers” came directly from inside this consortium of “conservative” media enterprises.   It was all a total ruse. Within the latest WikiLeak revelations Newsmax is merely exposed as being part of that larger corporate Wall Street group and agenda….

When Donald Trump announced: The Wall, and strict immigration enforcement, he triggered the jaw-agape responses from all of those aforementioned voices.  Trump’s push-back against the hidden agenda, which also contained millions of dollars in expenditures/investments, was the initial impetus behind the never Trump movement.

Quite a ride, huh?

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