The hosts of ABC’s daytime talk show The View praised white nationalist Richard Spencer on Wednesday after he disavowed his support for President Trump.

In a confusing turn of events, Trump hater Joy Behar read a tweet from Spencer following the events in Iran, in which he stated he regretted voting for Trump, at which point the studio audience applauded.

“There’s one small thing, he was saying what’s some good news? This is a tiny thing that I noticed. You remember Richard Spencer? He’s basically the organizer of Unite the Right, the white nationalist group that was marching in Charlottesville and was all in for Trump?

“Not anymore!” Behar exclaimed.

“Here’s his quote he tweeted last night, ‘I deeply regret voting for and promoting Donald Trump in 2016.’ Wow. I mean… that’s interesting…”

This is one of the best examples of how Trump’s aversion of a war with Iran has left liberals’ heads spinning.

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