President Trump took to Twitter to reassert his keystone campaign promise: building a wall along the Mexican/American Border.

What prompted the reiteration was White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s comments during an interview with Fox News suggesting the president wasn’t “fully informed” when he promised to build a wall along the entire border.

“(Trump) has evolved in the way he has looked at things. Campaign to governing are two different things and this president has been very, very flexible in terms of the realm of what is possible.” Said Kelly to Fox News.

The Chief of Staff went on to nitpick by emphasizing the unfeasibility of a continuous barrier along rivers, his two-dollar word was, “hydrographically”.

The very next morning, the president took to his favorite platform to make clear his goal for America’s security and prosperity:

Following those tweets was another message stressing how necessary the wall is for combating the massive inflow of drugs from Mexico.

Trump has always been clear to the realistic execution of his most anticipated civil project.

The timing of Trump’s tweets directly following Kelly’s editorializing, could confirm Roger Stone’s claim that Kelly is preparing to leave the White House in a 2018 shakeup, only to replace himself with a neocon globalist.

Nobody knows more than Trump how important the border wall is for America, Acting Director for ICE Tom Homan could be a close second:

“Every place we’ve built a wall or barrier its worked, we’ve proven that. So, why would we not want to invest in a wall?”

Well said, Mr. Homan.

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