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July 30, 2010

Inspired by the article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts called, “The Year America Dissolved.

It is 2017. There are no more fusion centers. There are no more “top secret” clearances. There are no more wars. And there is no need for them.

There was never any need for them. But a lot of people had mistakenly believed so, until a few years ago, when high-level government whistleblowers disclosed top secret documents through the journalist organization WikiLeaks that revealed how a criminal cabal in charge of the United States government misled the whole world about the September 11 terrorist attacks.

According to the documents, which includes transcripts of secret conversations, members of the Bush administration, in connection with Israeli leaders, had bamboozled America into a mysterious, empty, and evil black hole by pushing a fraudulent, and never-ending war on terrorism.

As the story goes, the treasonous cabal conspired to commit acts of terrorism against the people of America, and then falsely accuse Islamic extremists for the crimes, in order to speed-up a corrupt agenda that was long in the making.

People are still shaking their heads about the whole thing. It was a strange time. An Orwellian time. And it still troubles Americans, and the rest of the world that America was temporarily conquered by a phantom menace. Osama who?

Nobody should be hard on themselves for not seeing through the lies earlier than they should have. We are all human. And the American government’s hysteria post-9/11 was unlike anything in history, plus it was amplified by the major media. It is tough to admit it at first, but we are all the victims of the deception about 9/11. There is no shame in being fooled.

Tragically, the American government’s lies caused the death of millions of innocent people, and the destruction of innocent countries in the Middle East.

Instead of facing down, and overcoming our fears, all of our emotions were manipulated by our governmental enemies around the world, who claimed to be our leaders, and defenders. Grief is necessary to move on from the damage that was caused. Pain must be expressed, or else we will never let go of the past. But, a lot of good did come from the horror, too, so there are reasons to be grateful. The battle with evil wasn’t totally misguided because radical evil does exist in the world, however, it is the combination of evil and government power that should most concern us.

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But we must move on. It is a new world now. We’ve must say our goodbyes to this passing age, and to the tyrants it produced. Maybe in the future, when all the wounds have healed, people will thank them for what they did, for I firmly believe that the agents of evil do a service to God, and to humanity. Evil attracts good, and vice versa. They serve a greater purpose that we often fail to see. Although they can never be forgiven for causing harm to the world, we can take solace in the understanding that men were not designed to be angels. We are flawless beings. And no country is perfect.

In this new world, America is a republic again. In 2013, the year America revolted, the National Security State was fully dismantled, after its list of crimes were revealed to the general public for the very first time, and put into a historical context. Constitutional barriers are now in place, and the power of the Executive has been drastically reduced. Along with the NSS, the Federal Reserve Bank was also abolished, and replaced by federal and state banks whose operations are not restricted by the criminal logic of a private banking system. As a result of the political, and monetary reforms, the state of the economy has turned around in the last three years, and is flourishing beyond all expectations.

It wasn’t long ago that economic recovery was viewed by top economists, and policy makers as a silly delusion. Many people had given up on the inventiveness, and resourcefulness of the American spirit. They dropped the faith, and forgot what America is made of. They forgot that when it is mandated with a true task, defeat is not an option for America. When it is presented with a challenge, it does not give up. As the writer Albert Camus wrote; “There is so much stubborn hope in the human heart.”

The mad men who predicted, and promoted an American Century were not all wrong. It still remains an American century, but America is not defined by its military power alone; it is defined, most of all, by its ideas. And ideas tend to be revolutionary.

America is still the most powerful voice in the world, but no longer is it led by evil, and stupid men. As time goes on, America will further embed into its national consciousness Thomas Jefferson words; ” I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be.”

Two weeks ago, the President began his State of the Union Address with a reality check. He said:

We have all struggled through a time of great deception, and have been made to witness haunting immorality by our leaders and system of government. The unforgivable crimes that were committed in the name of liberty and the American people will never be forgotten. We will do future generations of the world a great service by examining where we went wrong as a nation, and how we the people failed most of all. The popular notion that we did not know is a lackluster excuse. Self-deception played a decisive role, one that we cannot evade simply because our institutions and leaders repeatedly lied to us.

There were very few critics of the speech, but, support for the President has not been automatic. People are a little more skeptical these days about speeches.

The new administration has made many promises that it seeks to keep, including a joint space mission with India, Brazil, Russia, and China. Each country’s resources are being combined to create a universal space program that will be represented by all the nations in the world. The dream of mankind traveling the stars in peace could come true after all.

None of this would have happened if it were not for the sacrifices made by the individuals who desired to free America from the globalist takeover. Their lives will never be forgotten.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reagonomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously the editor of the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

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