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December 9, 2013

Many conspiracy theorists fear that saying things about “way out there” conspiracies like the alien cover-up and holographic planes on 9/11 will discredit them simply because humans, by nature, will not believe things that sound too crazy to believe. They also fear that the New World Order will try to discredit conspiracy theorists who talk about these “way out there” subjects just like how the New World Order nitpicks every single mistake conspiracy theorists make to try to discredit them. Well guess what folks, the New World Order is severely discrediting themselves when they do this, so there is no reason to fear the New World Order discrediting you for making mistakes and discussing conspiracy theories that sound too crazy to believe!

In my recent interview with ET contactee and metaphysics expert George Kavassilas, I discussed with George about how his original prediction about Earth ascending into 5D consciousness between the 2012 December solstice and the 2013 March equinox turned out to be wrong (he did retract that prediction in late 2011, but sadly many people didn’t seem to listen and now as a result people try to discredit him.) George told me that he actually wants New World Order forces to try to discredit him because when they do that, they are basically making themselves more out in the open which can wake up more sheeple. He said that by giving the New World Order more “discrediting ammunition,” we can more easily crush the New World Order.

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