Andrew Steele
July 17, 2011

These are scary times we live in.  Often when we think about the false flag event of 9/11 and the wars based on lies that followed in association with the word “tragedy” we think about violence, death, the loss of civil liberties, and the loss of freedom around the world.  Given the magnitude of these realities it’s easy for activists fighting this enormous monster to lose sight of the more seldom noticed tragedy– the divisions that were created in our country, and their impact on the relationships between individuals.

photoIt’s hard not to feel like the guy in the Twilight Zone episode who sees the monster outside his seat’s window.

Though the planned destruction of the United States was already set in motion before September 11th, it wasn’t until after the event that lines were drawn within America.  Lines between “Truthers” and those who disparage them…between those who oppose the wars and those who legitimately believe that our leaders have committed our blood and treasure to overseas adventures with the best interests of the United States and its people in mind.  As well, lines between people who desperately work to put out the fire that the globalists started and expose the lies, and those who for personal reasons either choose not to burden themselves with the realities of life, or those who believe that a stronger strategy is making the world a better place by being decent and charitable with their time and money, letting positive energy do the work of stopping the evil.

The urgent ramifications of 9/11 truth and the issues related to it, and the collusion of the mainstream media with political leaders to keep these issues stifled, has generally forced debate beyond the realm of polite conversation.  What has developed has properly been dubbed an “Info War”,  and like any war its impact is far reaching.

As a Truther it’s hard not to feel like the guy in the Twilight Zone episode who sees the monster outside his seat’s window tampering with the wing of the plane, finding oneself screaming bloody murder for others to do something, while the monster disappears every time somebody else looks outside.  However, a greater analogy of the situation in regard to 9/11 Truth and related issues is that others see the monster, but either pretend not to or simply don’t care, seeming to not understand that if the wing is broken everyone on board is going to die. (If the U.S. government killed 3000 of its own people last time, how many will it kill next time?)  More often people viciously attack the person who mentions that the monster is on the wing and this creates bitter resentment.

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Indeed, 9/11 Truth saves the world. Yet the continued fight to spread the truth impacts daily lives and personal interactions because of the divisions listed before, and because of the truth teller’s tendency, whether he/she is conscious of it or not, to look for any opportunity to share info and condemn “sheeple”, even during precious times with family and friends, and what should be intimate moments with loved ones.  While it is part of one’s survival instinct to want to bring others into the circle and fight back in greater numbers, it is also important to remember this– saving the world will mean nothing if we don’t also cherish the days, experiences, and the people who make the world worth saving.  Sometimes those people are ones who don’t agree with us, who venomously attack us for what we have to say, or who aren’t ready to hear the truth just yet.  (Or don’t want to at the moment).   From all of them we have things to learn, among them being another truth worth spreading– that there are no sheeple.  There are only people, frightened as much as we are, their condemnation and apathy fueled by the same frustration, (or fear of that frustration) that motivates us to get the word out.  When we label our fellow men and women as sheep, we give power to the illusions of our enemies who throughout history have also believed that the world’s people are sheep, and relish in it, believing themselves to be shepherds leading their herd to the sheering.  (Why else does King Tut’s tomb portray him holding a rod and a staff?)

Yes, we must remain vigilant in beating back every lie, working for an end to the wars, a truly independent investigation into 9/11, and to stop the encroaching world government and it’s technological slave grid from being put in place.  With every lie we expose we steal another day back from those who would wish to turn our world into a living hell.  But if we don’t truly live those days then the victory is hollow.  As well, if we allow our mission– motivated by our common love of humankind– to be mutilated into one of frustration sparked anger, then all we accomplish is creating the kind of hatred and chaos that the enemy thrives on in order to divide and conquer us. That is a different kind of hell on earth, one based on good intentions but which also makes us wander into inescapable dark corners.  This hell already exists to some extent, and indeed has resulted in breaking up marriages and ruining friendships.

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And yes, I myself at times have been guilty of letting frustration and anger lead me, sometimes even hindering my mission and undermining my message.

For the lies of 9/11 (and other related issues) to be exposed activists must remember that they are in the business of opening peoples’ eyes, not shoving them down, and that bringing real change means offering solutions and not simply scolding people for being afraid to see what’s in front of them.  Like revolutionaries before us, we are in the unique position of having to write the strategy book as we go along.  While this itself may seem daunting, and we may inevitably stumble along the way, it is important to accept the responsibility of being held up to a higher standard, because the reward will be a better world, made on the day when victory is ours and we no longer have to talk about Building 7 ever again.

Andrew Steele’s article first appeared on the America 20XY blog.

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